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Extra Paint Spray Booth

Extra. New large equipment paint booth with extra ordinary qualities.  And now with some exciting new options - including extended height.

New options introduced in 2015 

The new spray booth Extra for passenger cars is the latest development from Blowtherm aimed at the most demanding spray booth operator. It has been developed to provide exceptional results along with higher productivity & spray booth size. Equipped with the optional Blowpower system, the Model Extra provides exceptional performance in terms of energy saving, increased productivity, and environmental impact.

Extended height is in demand! Commercial vehicles are growing in the form of cargo size vans, utility box trucks, e-commerce delivery vehicles (i.e. Amazon, special courier, etc.). There’s larger SUV’s and crossovers; extended dually pick-ups and larger trucks overall. The decision to install an extended height, width and length spray booth broadens our customer’s capabilities to service those vehicles, which ultimately increases their business.

Extra. These new industrial spray booths are renewing extra amazing success.

The substantial number of installations throughout the world reflects the exceptional success of Blowtherm spray booths.

More than 50 years as the premium brand reflect the quality and reliability of our products.

Certified and proven quality

Blowtherm invests resources in the pursuit of total quality using more and more newly developed technologies. Product quality and customer satisfaction are our main goals, and the approvals obtained from relevant authorities are a testament to our success in these fields. As the premium quality paint booth manufacturer, Blowtherm have been awarded Preferred Supplier Status by many prestigious manufacturers.

EXTRA. The new spray booth. extra specification and equipment.

New M241 PLC and Touch Screen Control Panel
Internal panic bar on the front door and the side personnel door.
Paint-stop filter trays for air evenness in the booth box.
Hinged light for ease of cleaning and maintenance.
Direct drive centrifugal fans.
Wall panels joined by H channels. Detail of the rock-wool insulation.
Strong stainless steel hinges allow the doors to open to the optimum position.
Possible opening and ceiling filters replacement.


Certified and proven quality

Blowtherm invests resources in the pursuit of total quality, using more and more newly developed technology.

Product quality and customer satisfaction are our main goals, and the approvals obtained from relevant authorities are a testament to our success in these fields. As the premium quality spray booth manufacturer, Blowtherm has been awarded Preferred Supplier Status by many prestigious car manufacturers.

Extra Paint Drying Booth Documentation - Full Brochure

pdf icon Extra Booth Literature

 Standard Features

Bourne Collision Center

Brian Mountain
Operations Manager
Bourne’s Auto Center

“With Blowtherm, we didn’t have to puchase additional fans and blowers to get the air flow we needed.”

“I talked with three other shops that had Blowtherm equipment and visited another facility to see the booth in action and I liked what I saw. The long and short of it is everyone else wanted to sell me a booth, but then sell fans and blowers on top of it, which is not the case with Blowtherm’s Air Speed system.”

“The ease of operation with this booth has allowed us to increase from 6 to 8 booth cycles per day. This has boosted shop production which equals direct profit. Our insurance business has expanded rapidly due to greater volume output capability.”

“Our painters can monitor the heating and cool down settings which make this booth more user friendly than most products I’ve seen and lends to a substantial savings on utilities.”

“Our distributor, Autoquip, delivered what was promised. There was a real comfort level with the entire shipment and delivery process."


Paint Booths

Air Speed

To facilitate the use of the water base products, Blowtherm has developed a new system: AIR SPEED, which increases the air velocity up to four times when compared with traditional ventilation systems.

The advantages of the system:

  • Shorter flash-off times between coats
  • Shorter curing time
  • Faster removal of volatile components before the start of the reticulation process.


Air Speed Off

Air Speed On


EXTRA. The new spray booth. Blowpower, the innovative extra ordinary system.

With the latest European Regulations which enforced the use of water base paints and also the European Directive (EN13355) relating to painting and drying booths, a demand emerged for the introduction of the new Blowpower system in the Extra spray booth. The system optimises the spray booth performance in terms of energy saving, reduction in atmospheric pollution, operational speed and the quality of the finished work. These components can be adapted all together or one by one, according to the specific needs of the customer. The selection of the most advanced technologies optimizes the performance of the spray booth, offers substantial energy savings and provides exceptional results.

Frequency Drive

Using frequency drive motors in painting drying booths allows a reduction in the volume of air required during the painting phases where a lower volume of air will not compromise paintwork quality, curing performance, or operator safety.

Advantages of the system:

  • Energy saving: lower fuel costs (up to 34%) lower power costs (up to 32%)
  • Automatic pressure control within the spray booth.
  • Reduced electrical demand peaks and no pressure jumps in the booth box

Frequency drive

Frequency drive

Digital control panel with latest generation microprocessor

Digital control panel with latest generation microprocessor

Direct Fired Gas Burner

Combustion takes place within the spray booth downdraft air flow.

Advantages of the system:

  • 100% efficient
  • Energy saving
  • Shorter operating cycles
  • Fast response to the set temperature
  • Safety
  • Stable temperature control
  • Burner flue not required
  • Reduced maintenance

Blowtherm direct fire burner is constructed according to the European gas directive 90/396/CEE, as expressly required by fire authorities.

Heating Recuperator

The highly efficient thermoventilation units, treating high volumes of air, can be equipped with heating recuperators, which recover the heat of the exhaust air (during the spraying and the drying phases) by reintroducing the recovered heat into the intake air supply.

Advantages of the system:

  • Efficiency
  • Saving: the heat recuperator offers a considerable energy saving, especially in the winter season

pdf icon Heat Recuperator Energy Savings Calculator

Speed Cure

 Speed Cure is a series of programs that accelerate the flashing and curing of solvent and water based finishes.

Advantages of the system:

  • Speed: shorter drying cycle
  • Easy to use
  • Economy: as the cycle is shorter, the electrical and fuel consumption per cycle is lower
  • Higher profit from increased productivity

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