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The magnitude of purchasing equipment goes beyond just a phone call.

"The magnitude of purchasing equipment goes beyond just a phone call. The capital investment and results are on the same plain. So, research and confidence in making the decision are high on the list of importance in setting up a new shop or improving replacement of older equipment.

When I owned JSI Collision Centers, we purchased a Blowtherm Booth for our 3rd location in 1992. The efficiency and air movement then encouraged me to look into their new innovative product developments as I was involved in putting together a new store for my 2 daughters, LJI Collision Center.

I researched 4 booth companies and made the decision to purchase Blowtherm for the following reasons: 1) Air Speed system designed for water borne paints, no need for extra corner blowers.,2) the double prep has capability to bake 1 side at a time or both. 3)Direct gas fired heater,4)Select Air Speed in the preps directs all air to the needed area on vehicle.5) Factory installed lifts in prep and booth, allowing vehicle to be sprayed at desired height. 6) Heat Recuperation system that reduces operating energy costs. None of the other booth manufacturers could offer all of these features.

I have been involved in this Industry for 50 plus years and if asked if I would make the same decision again , my answer is Blowtherm  USA, without a question.

Lauren and Jill, owner managers of LJI Collision Center would welcome anyone interest in purchasing a prep or booth to stop in and see for yourself"
Michael Giarrizzo Sr,
Business Adviser
LJI Collision Center

LJI Collision Center - Cleveland Ohio USA
27100 Chagrin Boulevard
Orange Village, Ohio 44122
(216) 364-7100 fax (216) 364-7110

810 North Grove Road

Richardson, TX 75081

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