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Newport Collision

720 W 17th Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

"Blowtherm delivers a higher quality finish ... in less time."
Jeff Atkins, President
Newport Collision
Costa Mesa, CA

Although there were many reasons why Jeff Atkins, presidnet, Newport Collision in Costa Mesa, CA, chose Blowtherm, here's what you need to know:

“We wanted drive-through booths with a mixing room in the middle, including all the bells and whistles that Blowtherm can deliver. We included Air Speed / Flash-Off which has increased our production.”
“These full down-draft Spray Booths are our main workhorse for refinishing parts and vehicles.”
“Other equipment vendors seemed to be more for their own benefit than ours. Robert Summers, Eurotech Distributors, listened to what we needed and delivered exactly that.”
"Blowtherm was the best choice. We switched over from another vendor and plan on using Blowtherm for our new locations.”


Faster dry time More production. Blowtherm makes it happen. Bottom line.

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