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Mathews Marion (Marion, Ohio)

EXTRA cabin 14'9" x 29'6". High capacity 4 x 10 Hp and Air Speed waterborn flash-off system.

Sold and installed by:  Thermal Downdraft Services ~ Willy Dennison








Mathews Ford (Newark, Ohio)

Two Blowtherm EXTRA cabins with 2x15 Hp with 2 VFD's, Air Speed waterborn flash-off system and intermediate mixing room.

Sold and installed by:  Thermal Downdraft Services  ~ Willy Dennison















Sinclair Ford (St. Louis, Missouri)

 Installed with optional Heat Recuperation System and Air Speed Water Born Flash Off System. Features 14 '9"  wide by 29' 6" long EXTRA cabin. Generating group 2 x 15 hp with dual frequency drives.

 Sold and installed by:   Diversified Building Materials ~ Robert McCormick, St. Louis, Missouri











BodyWorks by Murray Motor Imports (Denver, Colorado)

The only Certified Structural BMW & Mercedes-Benz Collision Repair center in the state of Colorado and the four surrounding states."There are no BMW certified shops period, and there are no BMW & Mercedes-Benz under one roof that are dealer owned"....Tim Perry - Director of Auto Body Operations  Options include Air Speed Water Borne Flash Off System, 2 x 15 HP generating group with dual variable frequency drives. Sold and installed by:   Askew Equipment Company ~ Bill Askew, Denver, Colorado


Murray Motors TESTIMONIAL:   “I started in this business in 1985 and the Mercedes-Benz & Land Rover shop had two Blowtherm paint booths.  I learned early on that to be successful you had to have great equipment especially in the paint department.  Blowtherm was considered to be the crème de le crème of paint equipment back then!  I have designed and built three major collision repair centers on the East Coast and Mid-West and all three I purchased Blowtherm paint equipment. 

When I came to Murray Motor Imports in 2009 I knew there would be major adjustments in all of the departments if we were to be successful.  We had 2 Garmat paint booths with all the water borne technology Garmat had to offer and still we experienced delays in paint production. 

Simply put, the materials and the technology that Blowtherm puts into their equipment is state of the art.  Their warranties are great however the equipment I purchased back in the very first shop I built in 1990 is still in place and going strong today! 

John Pettinato and Mark Miller from Blowtherm USA were very instrumental in my paint booth installation success.  They were always a phone call away and worked with our engineer and contractor to assure that very success!   BodyWorks is a recognized leader in certified collision repair and we cannot have less than perfection and these Blowtherm paint booths are just that, PERFECTION!”    

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