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Aluminum Vacuum Systems:

Wet Recovery (Pneumatic) or Dry Recovery (Electric)

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                WET RECOVERY                                                  DRY RECOVERY






Oklender's Body Shop

Jeff Olender
Olender’s Body Shop

“I can’t even imagine my fuel bill without using Blowtherm’s heat recuperator system.”

“Considering we’re hitting record low temperatures this winter, with the Heat Recuperation system, we are witnessing rapid temperature rise to “called for temps” in the spray and bake cycles, which helps lower our fuel costs. Very impressive.”

“We looked at several other booth manufacturers but like the construction of the Blowtherm Extra. We were really sold on the Heat Recuperation and Air Speed/Waterborne, Hi-Solid Flash-Off systems. No extra fans or blowers needed.”

“We’re actually kicking out an additional 4 cars per day. Plus, Blowtherm’s technology is giving us a much cleaner finish.”

“Our other location, East Windsor, CT, will be upgrading soon. Blowtherm will remain our spray booth vendor of choice.”

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